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8 Reasons to Get a Puppy

December 5, 2018

We promise that this post isn’t a cat bashing one, because we love our feline friends too.

We are going to concentrate on the many reasons why you should get a doggy. Oh yeah, we’re also cheerleading on how one of our Maltese puppies for sale will fit the bill for your eventual purchase. Here are 8 benefits and reasons to get a puppy.

Experience Lower Stress Levels

Are you stressed out? Have you been and can’t quite shake it? Guess what…puppies can actually be supportive in your effort to lower your stress. They provide such love and affection that they have also been known to lower blood pressure, as well.

Got Allergies?

Allergies can make life miserable for those who suffer and can’t avoid the allergen. People with allergies to dogs can breathe a sigh of relief (pun intended) because our Maltese puppies for sale are hypoallergenic, which makes being around them even more enjoyable.

Need a Pick-Me-Up?

There’s scientific evidence that supports the theory that dogs make people feel better. The interaction between humans and dogs generate a release of “happy” hormones like serotonin.

Increase Your Physical Activity

People who walk their dogs for at least twenty minutes a day can actually lose weight, with a sensible diet plan of course. The requirement for dogs to have daily exercise will be beneficial to you and your puppy.

Puppies Help With Child Development

Seems like owning one of our Maltese puppies for sale has multiple benefits and this one may seem unbelievable. But, there’s scientific evidence backing this reason to get a puppy, too. Kids with dogs in the home score higher in cognitive, social, and motor development tests than children without a dog in the house.

Puppies Are Good for The Heart

Yep, it’s true. Puppies can actually help one’s heart health. Pet owners are more likely to live at least one year longer than those without. Talk about holistic medicine!

Puppies Make You Social

Once you step out with one of our Maltese puppies for sale, you’ll know exactly what we mean. Owning a puppy automatically makes you a conversation starter. People will initiate conversations with you, so get ready for the spotlight!

Man’s Best Friend?

Everyone always says that a dog is man’s best friend. They say it for a reason because it’s true. Once you have a dog, there is a bond that is created that lasts a lifetime. Dogs enjoy the connection as much as humans!