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Puppy Training

Puppy Preschool

Have you been desiring a puppy but don’t want to go through the housebreaking and training phase? Our team of trainers specialize in puppies and are here for you to get your puppy off on the right track to being a well mannered dog. At Puppy Preschool we believe that a trained puppy is a happy puppy which makes for a happy puppy parent!

Meet Jackie

Jackie is our head trainer here at the club and will be working each day with your puppy. She has a special passion for dogs and takes great pride in helping each of her puppies to learn good manners. Her kind and gentle approach to training is incredabily affective, especially with puppies. She has a degree from Karen Pryor Academy and is currently going through the CATCH Canine Trainers Academy. Her true love of dogs is shown to each puppy she cares for and trains.

The price for training is $700 a week.

What will your puppy learn?

Our goal in Puppy Preschool is to set the groundwork for a well trained dog.

  • Housebreaking: From the moment your puppy enters our program, housebreaking is our top priority. There is a strict schedule in place were your puppy will go outside to go potty and then positively rewarded when doing so.
  • Crate Training: Your puppy will be taught that a crate is its friend, a happy place where rest happens. We teach your puppy to love its crate and not bark or have anxiety in the crate.
  • Playpen Training: If your eyes are not on your puppy, then your puppy should be in it’s playpen. This keeps the puppy safe. We will teach your puppy to be quiet in the playpen and to play independently.
  • Socialization: Introduction to common household noises and experiences, for example umbrellas, vacuum cleaners, thunder, plastic bags. Age appropriate group play will be introduced.
  • Scheduled feeding: Your puppy will be on a scheduled meal plan based off of its age and size.
  • Basic Commands: Sit, stay, come will be taught to your puppy.