Finding Families Their Perfect Puppy. Adoption Deposit is Refundable!

Homes for Life

On the rare occasion, members of the Charlotte Dog Club family may need to re-home their beloved puppy or adult dog. In our experience, more than 99% of the puppies we adopt are a perfect fit for their family.

However, as responsible breeders, we are aware that the unfortunate scenario can occur where they have to be re-homed, and we feel that it is important to offer a well vetted re-homing service to ensure our puppies are always with a family.

Through this application process, we will pursue the best fit for each of the puppies available in the Homes-for-Life program. The pups placed in this program can be both pups in search for a new forever home or pups who will make a great family pet, but do not qualify for our 10-year health guarantee. The homes-for-life puppies will not be publicly posted, the applicants will be contacted directly when a puppy is available. We do not charge a fee for the re-homing process, nor do we offer any returns or financial compensation to the original family who adopted the puppy. Please, fill out the below application if you feel you would be a good Home-for-Life parent.


* No health guarantee can be extended to the homes for life parents.