Finding Families Their Perfect Puppy. Adoption Deposit is Refundable!



Kyle Perry

“Adopting our sweet puppy was a great experience! The staff was extremely helpful and friendly. Highly recommended!”


“What a wonderful experience picking up our 2 Havapoos, Ace and Rio. Jaclyn made the experience so much fun and really took her time to teach us what we needed to know to be good owners to our Fur Babies ❤ Thank you Charlotte Dog Club”

Shanw Dalziel

‘We picked up an adorable little puppy for our daughter and could not be happier with every step of the process! Charlotte Dog Club is absolutely incredible and we would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new family member!”

Elle Jones

“We lost a fur baby recently, and have found our next baby! We have had excellent service with calls, explanations and any recommendations needed for our search! They have a wonderful adoption process and make sure you have all necessary items for a smooth transition home!
Bonus: They support the military and have a military discount!’

Kelli Gutierrez

“Wonderful dog club. We just got our 2nd from them. Healthy and happy pups!!”

Meredith Sink

“Wonderful customer service! Very happy with the dog we chose & glad we chose this place!”


“We are more than excited and very pleased with our new Havapoo! He is everything we expected and more. Everyone was so professional!”

Lisa Leo

“Very simple process. Team is very kind, helpful & professional. Great experience!”

Ally Vaughan

“The Dog Club has been amazing for adoption my first dog. I especially love the 24/7 call line they have available before and after adoption. I would highly recommend working with them!”

Sarah Farris

“Very thorough and thoughtful experience. Videos were very helpful and informative. Highly recommend.”

Kelly Hefner

“My mother in law was so impressed with the exceptional experience she had, she purchased my husband a Havapoo after we had to put down our baby due to bone cancer. Megan once again made the experience great and we are enjoying every minute with our little one. He is a great addition to our family!”

Wendy Pratts

“The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, patient and professional. They call often to check on the pup and show genuine interest on his progress and well being. They make themselves readily available if you have any concerns which is helpful and reassuring.”

Valerie Andries

“Everyone at Charlotte Dog Club is very friendly and professional. I especially appreciate the care they took in checking with me after bringing our puppy home to make sure everything was going well and to make sure all of my questions were answered. I also noticed that the puppy is very affectionate and comfortable with different types of people and everyday household sounds, which shows that she came from a nurturing, caring environment. This made the transition so much easier for her (and us!) as we welcomed her to our home.”

Sarah S Yacoub

“We bought our Maggie from Charlotte Dog Club and we couldn’t be more pleased. Truthfully, we were a bit hesitant to purchase a designer dog (especially at a designer price) but with our experience as it’s been, I know we will never have regrets and will refer others to this establishment. Maggie is a very healthy and happy puppy. Charlotte Dog Club is a very classy business with a clear vested interest in both their puppies and clients, apparent by their extensive follow up in the days and week following bringing Maggie home. She has only been with us a week and she’s already clearly a perfit fit to our family.”