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Why the Cavachon Is Highly Sought After by Dog Lovers

February 17, 2020

The Cavachon puppy breed is one that the world cannot get enough of. This miniature breed is becoming increasingly popular as the days go by and people cannot seem to understand why. It’s as if their good looks and subtle charms aren’t glaring enough. Nevertheless, it’s no secret that people want to know why the Cavachon is one of the most sought-after puppy breeds and this piece aims at highlighting these reasons.

  1. They’re designer breeds

The Cavachon is the offspring of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Bichon Frise. Hence the single fact that they’re a hybrid makes them more marketable to start with. This is because hybrids possess individual traits of both parents and the fusion of the two is meant to not just enhance their appearance but equivocally their skills and abilities.

  1. They’re well suited for Apartment living

Cavachons are puppy breeds and their miniature size make them perfect for confined spaces. This designer breed can basically thrive in any environment where love resides; however, owners with apartments or urban dwellers shouldn’t shy away from adopting this breed as they blossom with or without a yard to play in.

  1. Their temperament

The Cavachon puppy breed is a very affectionate breed. They are incredibly kid-friendly and pet-friendly as well. This breed displays no form of hostility even to strangers as they’re very warm to anyone that offers them attention. Hence, another reason they’re highly sought after by dog lovers is because of their bubbly disposition and friendly demeanor. 

  1. They don’t shed a lot

Maintenance and grooming are usually a concern for dog lovers and having a dog that has minimal shedding requirements mean fewer responsibilities for the owner. The Cavachon breed is one of those puppy breeds that sheds less. Hence, minimum brushing is enough grooming for this breed.

  1. Cavachons are very playful

This breed is known to be very bubbly. They are excellent family dogs as they love children. This just increases their exercise needs, however, even as the Cavachon has a high energy level, dog parents should be careful not to overexert this breed as they could easily get fatigued. Cavachons are a ray of sunshine in every home. Their excitement and energy are contagious and this is why dog lovers cherish them so much.

  1. They are great for people with allergies

A lot of people are torn between their love for their dogs and their health. This is because their dogs may trigger one form of an allergic reaction or the other. However, the Cavachon dog breed is mostly hypoallergenic and the breed is considered to be a great choice for people with allergies. 

All puppy breeds are distinct and amazing but the Cavachon breed is highly sought after because of several reasons which have been highlighted in this piece. However, when in need of healthy puppies, it’s important to adopt and not buy as this increases your leverage. Sites like PremierPups have a plethora of puppies in diverse breeds all seeking new homes.