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TEDDY BEAR Breed Overview

Embrace the charm of our Teddy Bear puppies, a delightful cross between the Shih Tzu and Bichon Frise. These puppies captivate with their enchanting appearance, from their round, expressive faces to their fluffy tails, and embody the epitome of a lovable, plush toy brought to life. Yet, it's their vibrant personality and intelligent, agile nature that truly endear them to all. Our Teddy Bears are not just cute; they're also incredibly tender, playful, and adaptable, thriving in various environments and making excellent pets for any home. Whether engaging in fun activities or relaxing by your side, they're eager to please and quick to learn, making them a joy to train and live with. Dive into the world of our Teddy Bear puppies and let their joyful spirits and loving hearts fill your home with warmth and laughter. Enjoy the selection of available Teddy Bear puppies for sale.

Adult Weight:
10-16 pounds
Adult Height:
9 - 12 inches
Life Expectancy:
12 - 16 years
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