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Basic Pet Parenting Skills

October 7, 2021

Puppies, while adorable to a fault, can be quite a handful too. And believe it or not, you do need some parenting skills when it comes to raising your pet. 

There’s always the option of learning on the job, a good choice. Another option is learning ahead about the essential skills that would improve your cohabitation. 

That’s exactly what we’re setting out to detail in this piece. Here are 5 essential pet parenting skills you need to inculcate: 

  1. Handling and Training Skills

Building the right foundation for your relationship with your pet is an essential item on this checklist. For starters, you have to be at ease with working in a hands-on capacity. Physical contact is one of the major building blocks for a loving relationship with your pup. 

To build lasting handling and training skills, you should be familiar with fundamentals like basic obedience techniques, using positive reinforcement, and creating reward systems amongst others. 

You need to be familiar with handling stressful situations too, as pups tend to go rogue sometimes. 

  1. Communication Skills

Effective communication is the holy grail of any relationship, particularly with your pup. You need to ensure that you’re not sending confusing signals, particularly in the early training stages. 

Confusing communication can send your pup into a spiral since he doesn’t know which command to follow. Clear communication begins from using clear verbal communication and extends to even non-verbal communication. 

Using the right tone, watching your pet carefully so that you understand their reactions to your commands, reinforcing the right responses, are proper strategies for great communication. 

  1. Observation Skills

Pets try to communicate with us in various ways, however, there’s a tendency to overlook some of the signs that they give. You always have to keep an eye out for behavioral changes or altered feeding habits — these might imply a developing health problem. 

This would also warrant that you’re privy to basic canine health issues, especially those that are prevalent with your pup breed. Close observation can help to nip potentially major problems in the bud. 

  1. Grooming Skills

Outside of the regularly scheduled visits to the vet that would probably consist of a comprehensive checkup and grooming, you should possess some grooming skills yourself. 

As a dog parent, you should be familiar with basics such as trimming nails, removing mats, cleaning ears, and brushing out hair. 

Your pup’s grooming is vital to guarantee that he remains in prime health for a long time. Also, regular grooming can help you detect potential health problems early and deal with them. 

  1. Patience

Less of a skill and more of an attribute, all the same, you would need to hone it as a skill. Pups can be a handful sometimes and these times call for patience and restraint. 

This is an essential quality if you’re going to have an incredible relationship with your pet. 

When your pup disobeys commands or does his business inside the house or chews a hole in one of your favorite socks, remember patience.