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Why You Need a Poodle Mix

May 9, 2022

Poodle mixes like Cavapoos, Goldendoodle, Cockapoo, and Maltipoos, have attained critical acclaim because of the myriad of benefits that owning one can bring. 

They are highly attractive, intelligent, and take training easy. In addition to these qualities, here are some others that would definitely seal the deal for you: 


A number of poodle mix-breeds are hypoallergenic which implies that they are great for people who have allergies. This is because they either do not shed or shed less and infrequently. So, they would either have no dander or very few clinging to their coat.  

Small Size

They come in very small sizes which makes them well suited to small apartments and given that they don’t shed, you won’t have to worry about getting fur all over your apartment. 

They are also very easy to carry around and their owners explore this benefit to the fullest. For instance, the Cockapoo weighs only about 12-25 pounds and has a height of 9-18 inches. 

The Goldendoodle, which is one of the biggest in this breed category, has a height of about 22-22.5 inches and weighs around 50-90 pounds. 

Great for Families

Poodle mixes also make for great family dogs, one great example is the Goldendoodle. They also have excellent traits gotten from both parents that they were bred from and are considered a superior breed to their parent breed. 

They do well with kids and are not temperamental. In spite of their small size, some of them are quite energetic and playful and make for a good playmates for your kids. 


Opting for a poodle mix could be an excellent option especially if you are looking for a small dog.