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Transitional Supplements and Feeding Guidelines

You will receive a paper copy of the feeding guidelines when you receive your puppy

Proviable Probiotic (10 capsule packet)Starts day after puppy arrives home1 capsule sprinkled over food for 10 days
Fenbendazole De-wormer (Safeguard)Administer orally one pre-dosed syringe once a day for 5 days on a FULL belly.
KaopectolinPlease disregard if your puppy is not experiencing diarrhea1ml per 2lb of weight every 8 hours till diarrhea subsides (disregard if puppies’ stool is

Dry food available at all times (free feeding) for the first 14 days. We recommend the mixture below twice a day at 8am and 6pm. The size of your puppy will dictate the amount of this mixture​ he/she is able to eat.

Dry Food- Royal Canin
(Mini​ Puppy) available at all times for the first 14 days.
Available at any major pet store and online.
Mixture: ​ 8am & 6pm
¼ Cup Royal Canin
⅛ Cesar’s Wet Food
¼ Jar Baby Food with Karo
⅛ cup warm water
Probiotic Capsule (once daily for 10 days)
Common mistake is trying to schedule feed while transitioning a new puppy into their environment. Dry food should always be available.

Puppies under or around 3lbs

Pups should receive special syringe feeding at noon and 8pm in addition to their wet mixture. You will need to mix one syringe of karo corn syrup into one jar of baby food. You will then fill an empty syringe with the contents of the jar and insert it into the puppy’s mouth. 3 full syringes will complete the whole syringe feeding. Please, continue to syringe feed for the first 3-4 days or if you feel that your puppy isn’t eating enough. If your puppy is over 3lb then disregard these instructions.


Hypoglycemia is when the blood sugar levels (glucose) fall below normal levels. Glucose is what the body uses as a fuel and is necessary for brain tissue to function and develop. Small puppies are more prone to Hypoglycemia. This is because their organs, in this case the liver, are small and cannot store enough glucose or sugar; that is why it’s important to feed your puppy often to replenish the glucose. SYMPTOMS MAY INCLUDE: Gums-Pale, almost greyish white, puppy’s appears limp, eyes- unfocused and barley open, temperature-below normal, and/or shivering and trembling. Please, call us if you feel that your puppy has any of these symptoms.

Vaccinations/ Veterinarian Exam

  • Your puppy is up to date on vaccinations at the time​ of adoption, but these vaccines are temporary. Please, ask your Veterinarian to finish the schedule as your puppy matures. A Veterinarian visit should be scheduled for 10 days after adoption.
  • Until your puppy has had all of its vaccinations (14-16 weeks of age), please, don’t take your puppy to places that are highly traveled by other dogs, ex: rest areas or dog parks. When you take your new puppy to the vet, please, take him/her in a carrier and do not allow him/her to touch the floor, for disease prevention
  • You are responsible for all routine exams, medications, vaccines, and tests charges.
  • Our clients have had disappointing experiences with Banfield; therefore, this Veterinarian Chain is not covered under our warranty.

Microchip Enrollment

I​f you have enrolled the microchip through the Dog Club then it​ will automatically be enrolled on adoption day. Look for an email from AKC Reunite to finish filling out your profile.