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Top 5 Misconceptions about German Shepherds

July 3, 2018

Fear of dogs is not uncommon.

Many people unfortunately suffer from it and they are especially afraid of big dogs, like German Shepherd puppies. It’s partially because of their fear, but it’s also because there are common misconceptions about them. People think that because they are commonly side-by-side of police officers and the like, that they all must be aggressive. That is not the case. We are going to debunk and dispel many of these myths about German Shepherd puppies.

German Shepherds Aren’t Intelligent

Say what?! That’s simply the biggest misconception. German Shepherd puppies are actually one of the smartest breeds, hands down! Perhaps this misperception comes from the fact the they can sometimes seem to be disinterested or aloof. In any case, German Shepherds are very intelligent and extremely loyal animals. They are not anti-social, but rather selectively social.

German Shepherds Aren’t Kid-Friendly

From their birth, our German Shepherd puppies for sale have been known to be great around families with kids. They get along well with children and are quite gentle with them actually.

German Shepherd Puppies Don’t Get Along With Other Pets

Once again, this isn’t true and it really comes down to training and early socialization, as with any dog.

German Shepherd Puppies Are Hard to Find

Well, that’s not true either and we can personally attest to that. We have German Shepherd puppies for sale and they’re purebred and healthy. They aren’t a rare breed, so we aren’t sure from where this misconception comes.

German Shepherd Puppies are Violent

Now this one is the most popular and most inaccurate, we might add. It’s commonly perpetuated by people who simply don’t know much about this breed. Their fear is rooted in this misconception being spread around time and again. Sure, they may have strong and powerful barks that can be intimidating, but it’s to be expected from such a large dog! Ultimately, their barks don’t mean anymore than a Yorkie’s.  


Ultimately, German Shepherd puppies are intelligent, loving, protective dogs. Visit our store and see for yourself!