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Small, Medium, or Large Breed Dog?

January 3, 2022

The resolution to have a dog should come after a phase of thorough decision making, careful planning, and the assurance that you have the necessary means to make your pet comfortable and happy. 

One major thing to decide upon before finally going to the pet store is the size of the dog that you want.Size is important because it determines a lot of things, such as how much food your dog will consume, how easy it would be to transport them from place to place, and how much space they will need.

Here are a number of factors to put into consideration when determining what breed of dog to get with respect to size:


The size of your family, as well as the age range of the members of your family, go a long way in determining what kind of dog to get.For example, if you have little kids, you should get small dogs, such as a Dachshund or a Papillon.If you have teenagers, you might want to consider getting a much larger dog, such as a Boxer.

Indoor and Outdoor Space

You should consider the amount of space you have within and without your house while getting a dog. Smaller dogs can live comfortably within apartments with little outdoor space, however, bigger houses might be better for bigger dogs as they need lots of space.


What exactly do you want from your dog? Do you need a cuddle buddy -Chihuahua or Pug- or perhaps, a security dog -Bullmastiff or Rottweiler?Your pet needs should influence the size of the dog you get.

Maintenance Costs

This is probably the most important factor to consider.Expenses on food and treats, leash and harness, crate, and medicals are more expensive for larger dogs than they are for smaller dogs.If your monthly income is not exactly huge, you might want to get a smaller dog to avoid getting overwhelmed by costs.

On a final note, you should keep in mind that the size of a dog does not dictate its personality.There are small dogs that are full of energy, and large dogs that are just big couch potatoes. Either way, ensure you opt for a breed size that works just great for you!