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Should I Crate Train My Dog?

March 21, 2022

Crate training is the process of introducing your dog to view and accept a dog crate as a personal safe space. There are various benefits that crate training offers particularly for your pet. Here are the most profound ones: 

Provides a Familiar, Safe Space

Sometimes, your pet needs a place to retire, particularly if they encounter something new. For instance, some dogs are not great at getting used to strangers and would rather stay away. A crate provides a form of escape for your pup and allows them to retreat from new, disturbing changes until they can eventually adapt. 

Provides a Den Feeling

Many advocates point to the fact that dogs are den animals and a crate can serve as a substitute for a den. Daisy’s den is where she reigns supreme and feels like her own personal kingdom. This space serves as a sanctuary and your dog feels very secure in that space. 

Helps With Potty Training

Dogs generally keep their sleeping areas clean as a matter of instinct. Providing your pup with a crate would help them learn to hold and this in turn strengthens bladder and bowel muscles. They inadvertently learn housebreaking on their own. 

Makes Life Easier Generally

Crates generally make yours and your pet’s life easier. Transporting Daisy is safer using a crate whether by road for long distance trips or air trips. It results in less distractions for the driver and you would be able to have your dog with you whenever you travel.  


Crate training your pup offers too many benefits for you to pass it up. During the process, ensure that you’re patient and reward with treats for good behavior.