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Great DIY Pet Projects to Create at Home!

September 10, 2020

Cat lovers love their homes, too, and sometimes their BFFFFs (best four-footed forever friends) shred their furniture, making them have to choose between their homes and their cats. In days-gone-by, declawing was the way many people solved the dilemma, but today we know that declawing actually amputates the first part of every one of the cat’s toes, a cruel and unnecessary process.  The cruelty is obvious, but why unnecessary? Because you can easily make a great-looking cat scratcher that kitty will much prefer to your sofa and will not look like “cat furniture.” We found this project on

Creating this wonderful cat scratcher starts with the IKEA Rast bedside table ($14.95) and a few other supplies. All the instructions are available on An easy evening or weekend project and your decor is safe from kitty’s claws!

Cats aren’t the only pets that can be destructive. When dogs are left at home for an extended period of time (like when you’re at work), they can get bored and look for ways to entertain themselves. Sometimes, they get destructive. Even if Spot isn’t destructive, if he likes to chew, here is a way to make a no-sew chew toy that will allow him to entertain himself for hours on end.  It  may look complicated, but these easy-to-follow tutorials will have you churning out these delightful chew toys in no time. You can find the tutorial here

Cats love to get inside things, as all cat lovers know. An empty box or paper shopping bag is alluring to cats, but they are kind of, well, trashy-looking lying around your home. Instead, find a brightly colored t-shirt at your local resale shop (or recycle one only our own), add a piece of cardboard and a couple of wire coat hangers and voila! A great-looking cat hide-out that is as much fun to look at as it is for kitty to hide in. To find the simple tutorial, just follow this link. Make several to go in every room your cat lives in to match or complement the colors and patterns in the room.

With a few tools and some imagination,the folks at The Owner Builder Network have put together this fun self-groomer for cats, but small dogs would love it, too. It comprises a board, a couple of toilet-bowl brushes, and a little time that produces this innovative groomer that takes some of the grooming chore off your hands and puts it in the cat’s paws. Fun and useful, and it only uses basic tools and techniques. 

To find even more pet projects to make great things for your cat and dog, why not check out Pinterest? There’s a wealth of fun things to make and do for you and your BFFFF’s!