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Tricia Canon

“The most spectacular place for these sweet puppies to live before going to their forever homes. Absolutely beautiful and the staff was AMAZING!!! So so happy to be part of the Charlotte Dog Club!”

Jackie Lawing

“The best experience ever! Everyone is so nice and knowledgeable! The puppies are all up to date on shots and we’ll taken care of! The staff makes sure you understand just what to do when you get your puppy home and there’s even a 24 hour phone line to call with questions. I highly recommend Charlotte Dog Club!”

Stavro Najjar

“Amazing experience at Charlotte Dog Club. Greg was very professional and made sure we had everything we needed, and more. Could not recommend them enough! Thank you so much for helping us welcome our first puppy!”

Kelly Pfyffer

“Great experience! Very thorough preparation! We love our new addition!”

Ari Godoy

“We got our beautiful Max here. Lovely staff, so professional.”

Alexis Mazzarella

“We brought little Lucca (formerly known as Jimmy) home!
The entire process was super easy from start to finish!
Lucca is a happy, playful, healthy little puppy! He acclimated so quick and easily to his new home.
I can tell he had a ton of love and care before coming to us!”

Google user

“I actually got my puppy here last September but did not get around to leaving a review until now. The people here were professional, wonderful to work with and enthusiastic about helping us get our new family member. My puppy gus was as healthy as could be when I picked him up and has continued to be happy and healthy since he has lived with our family. When we picked him up we were given a crate, bed, a few toys, with instructions on how to feed him and our saving grace a snuggle puppy which allowed our baby to sleep all night his first night home and every night since. Thank you so much!!!”

JoePat Roop

“Nice folks, great experience, made mamma and the kiddos happy, super cute puppy
All around good experience”

Angela Stevens

“Just brought a precious cocker spaniel puppy Naples. We are so thankful for Charlotte Dog Club. We were scammed a few weeks ago. We ever so blessed to have Charlotte Dog Club to make our dreams come true and become dog owners again. Thank you so much.”

Koobmeej Hawj

“Our first dog and this is the best experience we had. They are very professional and provide plenty of information on how to take care of your first dog.
We are very satisfied.”

Kevin Zhao

“Amazing experience adopting our first puppy. Staff was super helpful with all questions and made the experience really easy. Thank you, Charlotte dog club!”

Kev K

“Had a great experience picking up our pup and and the staff was friendly and kind!”

Monique D

Carol Graf- Got the cutest most lovable puppy ever and the folks couldn’t be more helpful or nicer!! Highly recommend!!!❤️❤️

James Quattlebaum

“Our experience with Charlotte dog club has been great so far. The staff has been professional, caring and very attentive to our questions. We scheduled a visit to meet our puppy and it was wonderful. They let us spend as much time as we wanted with her. Picking up the puppy to go home was seamless as well. We can’t wait to bring her home. ;)”

Jazelle Bugayong

“We got our little furry baby a week ago. He’s such an adorable puppy and everyone in the family loves him. We didn’t have any issues except for some accidents inside the house. The staff were so supportive and you can call them anytime you have any questions. I highly recommend Charlotte dog club.”