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5 Things You Need for Small Dog Breeds

April 29, 2019

Big things come in small packages they say!

Small dog breeds are no exception. They are full of personality and refuse to be underestimated. When you commit to buying a dog that’s in the small dog breeds family, there are some things you should know that will be essential to raising happy and healthy little pups. We’ve got a list for that. Keep reading to learn more.

Potty Pads

Small dog breeds, especially those under 10 pounds, sometimes have a hard time holding their bladder. It’s best to invest in puppy potty pads. Of course, we advise that you train your pup, but having designated potty pads in certain areas of your home will encourage your pup to go there for elimination and save your carpet!

Doggy Toothpaste and Toothbrushes

There’s something about small dog breeds that make them more susceptible to dental disease. We recommend that you purchase toothpaste and brushes and use them at least twice a week. As with any dog, it’s important, but smaller dogs really need extra dental attention.

Small Crate

Purchasing a crate for small dog breeds is a great idea. Not only does it give them a comfy and cozy place to relax but it will also encourage housebreaking.

Small Dog Breeds Food

This is very important. It is vital that you purchase and feed your small pup food that is appropriate for his age and for his weight. We can’t stress this enough. You must feed your small dog breeds food that is healthy and nutritional. There are no exceptions.

Dog Leash and Collar

Okay, we know that part of the reason you were probably attracted to small dog breeds is that they’re small and portable and aren’t in the way – understood! We must, however, say that their size doesn’t negate their necessity to be protected by wearing a collar or harness and being on a leash. For starters, it helps in training them, both housebreaking and with commands and secondly, they help you keep track of your dog’s location. When you purchase your collar or harness, make sure that you get the proper size – one that’s not too large or snug.

Whether they’re large or small, we love them all! We want you to be armed with the knowledge to care for your dogs in the best way possible. For more questions, give us a call!