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The Yorkshire Terrier, also called Yorkie, is a small breed appreciated for its complex personality and independent temperament. It is delicate, lively, energetic, tender and brave. It has a long and silky coat, colored in steel-blue and tan.


Independent, brave, intelligent, energetic, alert, loyal

Adult Weight 4-6 lbs
Adult Height 8-9 in
Life Expectancy 10-16 yrs
Low High
Easy Hard
Min Max
Easy Hard
Low High

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The Yorkshire Terrier is small in size, but tends to have a large breed approach and is often fearless, and persistent. However, it has a balanced personality of affection and companionship towards its owner. The "Yorkie" is a preferred dog in the US because of it's hypoallergenic, beautiful silky, hair-like coat.

The Yorkshire Terrier was named because of its origin in the northern English counties of Yorkshire and Lancashire. They began as a working class dog, but were often a proper lap dog of the English ladies in the late Victorian times. Americans first met the Yorkie in the year of 1870, and AKC recorded its first female in the year of 1885.

Yorkshire Terriers are a small breed that typically weigh anywhere between 4 and 12 pounds.
The Yorkie provides years of love and laughs with its long life-span. They also make excellent little watch dogs because of their feisty personality.

This breed is very intelligent and loves to please their owners. It is important to praise for good behavior and proves to work better than negative reinforcement. Start socialization at an early age to introduce strangers, other dogs, and unique situations, but do this slowly in a calm and happy environment. Don’t let their small size fool you, these dogs can also participate in canine activities such as: agility, rally, and obedience.
Around six months of age, it is recommended to enroll your pup in a basic obedience class for a  group training. This class should teach the puppy how to come when called, walk at your side on a leash, and the basic commands of sit, stay and down.

Please remember that even though this is a small breed, it still requires exercise to stay healthy mentally and physically. Yorkies will benefit from moderate exercise, but also from occasional short bursts of activity, like a game of fetch in the backyard. A short walk twice a day will allow your puppy to exert energy and build stamina.
Grooming is essential to a Yorkshire Terrier because of their human-like hair, so introduce grooming at a young age to make this process easier. If the coat is kept long, then it will need to be brushed daily and a yorkie will need a bath every week of so. The ears should be checked weekly for signs of infection and debris. The hair on the upper part of the head should be trimmed short or tied back to avoid eye irritation.
Despite the big personality, the Yorkie is still small and needs a food schedule to ensure a healthy metabolism, and build. While Yorkies should do well on a high-quality dog food but any diet needs to be appropriate for the dogs age. Be cautious of portion sizes and calorie consumption to avoid obesity.