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    Below is a list of required supplements to ensure a successful transition of your puppy into their new home.

    Specific directions and schedule are provided on take home day.

    Preventive medications:

    • Proviable-DC: Digestive Health Supplement, Probiotic and Prebiotic.
    • Fenbendazole De-wormer: Preventative to eliminate common parasites and worms.
    • Toltrazuril-Pomazuril Paste: Preventative for Coccidia.
    • Kaopectolin: To be given only if your puppy has loose bowels or an upset belly

    Puppy Feeding Essentials:

    • 2lb Royal Canine Small Breed Puppy dry Kibble
    • Gerber Chicken baby food jars
    • Cesar’s soft puppy food
    • 6mL syringes of Karo Syrup

    Registering your pet's microchip links (YOU), the pet parent, to your pet and identifies you as your puppies owner, it also ensures that you can be contacted immediately once your lost pet is found. Once registered, you will be provided with live 24/7 support and you can update your pet's registration at any time via your secure online account.

    State Of North Carolina Health Certificate Vet Inspection Fee. All of our puppies are fully inspected by a licensed veterinarian.

    Our Li'l Pals Comfort Mesh Dog Harness is designed with comfort and style in mind. Available in Pink and Blue.

    Includes a Wire Crate, Plush crate bed, Teething toy, Clamp in bowl, and Water Bottle.

    The Comfortable Beginnings New Puppy Starter Kit helps your puppy transition home with must-have products, all designed to ease anxiety and bring comfort to your new puppy.

    A Snuggle Puppy is a toy with a "Real-feel" pulsing heartbeat and heat source mimic being part of a pack, working to ease loneliness, fear, and separation anxiety.

    Our Airline Approved Comfort Carrier has a practical design, which creates stress free traveling. Its generous mesh panels ensure maximum breath-ability with a seat belt loop that secures the carrier. This carrier also includes a washable fleece travel bed and light tan interior for a cushioned and cool ride. Large - 19"L x 10"W x 13"H.

    Prevents/eliminates adult fleas, ticks, flea eggs and larvae.

    Take your fur-baby anywhere, with this safe, comfortable and convenient Travel Carrier. Carrier comes with a plush, soft bed.

Wilber's Information

Bernese Mtn Dog x Mini Poodle

Birth Date:
12/25/2019 (8 weeks)
Tri Color
Available Now
Current Weight:
Est Adult Weight:
Veterinary Checkup:
Not Registered
Current on all vaccines

PLEASE NOTE: Puppies can NOT be picked up or delivered until they are at least 8 weeks old and have had their veterinary exam.


[1] Dewormer - Pyrantel for 1 day: 01/08/2020
[1] Safeguard (fenbendazole) for 5 days: 01/22/2020
[1] Kennel Cough vaccination: 01/22/2020
[1] Da2ppv vaccination (4 way): 01/29/2020
[2] Safeguard (fenbendazole) for 5 days: 02/05/2020
[2] Da2ppv vaccination (4 way): 02/19/2020
[2] Kennel Cough vaccination: 02/19/2020

List of Inspection Points:

Skin and coat



The Miniature Bernedoodle is a mixed breed between the Miniature Poodle which originates in France and the Bernese Mountain Dog which has its origins in Switzerland. It is low to non-shedding breed, perfect for allergy sufferers and suitable for apartment living. It has a sweet appearance as it inherited the most pleasant features of its parents. It is playful, intelligent, affectionate, friendly and sociable. We are providing estimated adult weights on all our dogs based on parent's size, breed history, litter size and age at 8 weeks. Please understand that when you are purchasing a mix breed dog especially one between a larger breed and a smaller breed that the puppy has the possibility to take heavily after one parent. Sometimes when the puppy reaches the adult size it may be smaller or larger than the estimates provided. If weight and size are a major concern please chose a small breed dog. Discover more about our available Mini Bernedoodle puppies for sale below.

Kind, gentle, friendly, intelligent, active, agile
Adult Height:
10 - 20 inches
Life Expectancy:
12 - 15 years

Mother: Bernese Mtn Dog Name: Sammie Color: Tri color  Weight: 8lb

Father: Poodle Name: Benji Color: black and White Weight: 12lbs

The Club Commitment

It is our promise to put your puppies welfare as our top priority.  That is why we have 24 hour on-site team members to care for your puppy everyday. We are committed to ensuring your new puppy is healthy and ready to join your family. 

10 Year Health Guarantee

Offering our clients a memorable adoption experience; our 10 Year Health guarantee comes with every pup.  If there is something that later comes up as a hereditary or congenital concern, you will have the peace of mind in knowing that we will stand behind your puppy. Welcoming a new family member into your home is an exciting journey, and we want to provide you with the utmost confidence in your adoption.

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Dedicated Partner Breeders

We value the trusting relationship we have with our partner breeders who share our dedication and commitment to providing clients with healthy and socialized puppies. The health & welfare of our puppies is the top priority. When we visit their homes, it warms our hearts to see their devotion to the exercise, socialization, and exceptional veterinary care of their dogs.

We have a zero-tolerance for substandard breeders.

Up to 10 Year Health Guarantee

Welcoming a new family member into your home is an exciting journey and we want to provide confidence when you take one of our fur-babies home!