Shih-Poo Tina $1,995.00

    • Total package value up to: $745 plus $500 in incidental coverage

    • 10 year health Guarantee (Free)
    • Incidental Insurance: $500 coverage for any accidents that may happen within 30 days after adoption.
    • Complementary Licensed Veterinarian Exam after Adoption (Approved Veterinarians in Charlotte area only) 
    • Pre-Adoption Licensed Veterinarian Exam 
    • Unlimited access to certified dog trainers/behavioralist. Virtual access.
    • Proviable-DC: Digestive Health Supplement, Probiotic and Prebiotic.
    • Fenbendazole De-wormer: Preventative to eliminate common parasites and worms.
    • Kaopectolin: To be given only if your puppy has loose bowels or an upset belly
    • 2lb Royal Canine Small Breed Puppy dry Kibble
    • 3-Gerber Chicken baby food jar
    • 2-Cesar’s soft puppy food
    • 3-3cc syringes of Karo Syrup

    Your puppy already has a microchip. By enrolling the microchip you will be identified as your puppy’s owner, which ensures that you can be contacted immediately once your lost pet is found.

    If your pet is lost or stolen and your chip is not enrolled, then it could be assumed that he or she does not have an owner.


    Walking your new puppy with a harness is safer and more enjoyable as opposed to a collar around their neck. Our soft plush harnesses will be personally sized to your puppy on adoption day and will come along with a 6’ lead, perfect for training.

    Crate training you new puppy is the quickest way to housebreak him/her. It is important that you have a safe place to put your puppy when you are away or unable to keep an eye on him. Our crates kits come with a durable metal crate, washable bed, teething toy and a mounted water bottle and food bowl.

    A Snuggle Puppy is a toy with a "Real-feel" pulsing heartbeat and heat source that mimics your puppies siblings, working to ease loneliness, fear, and separation anxiety.

    The Snuggle Puppy full Kit  includes the Snuggle Puppy, heart beat, heat packs, Plush Blanket and 2 teething toys. The Basic Kit includes the Snuggle Puppy, heart beat and heat packs.  A Snuggle puppy will help your puppy transition home with must-have products, all designed to ease anxiety and bring comfort to your new puppy.


    Our Airline Approved Comfort Carrier has a practical design, which creates stress free traveling. Its generous mesh panels ensure maximum breath-ability with a seat belt loop that secures the carrier. This carrier also includes a washable fleece travel bed and light tan interior for a cushioned and cool ride.   22” x 14.8” x 12”.

    Dog bells are an effective way for your puppy to communicate with you when he or she has to go outside to go potty. They have been proven to speed up the housebreaking process.

    The Puppy Training Bundle includes Glad activated carbon training pads (14 pack), No Chew Spray (Earthbath) taste deterrent for teething, and 2 all natural teething rings.

    Take your fur-baby anywhere, with this safe, comfortable and convenient Travel Carrier. Carrier comes with a wee wee pad.

    The easy-access 24'' Exercise 4-Panel Pet Playpen with door is perfect for puppies and extra small to medium sized dogs. Use it as a potty training aid, indoor dog fence, play gate, dog play yards, or dog exercise pens. The portable playpen for dogs provides 8 square feet of play space for pets. Each panel of the Playpen measures 33. 6"W x 24"H, doors are 14. 5''W x 16. 5''H. Built-in locks on the pet pen door twist to open for easy pet entry. This exercise playpen features non-skid rubber feet to protect flooring. Made in the USA.

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Tina's Information

Birth Date:
4/5/2021 (10 weeks)
White and black
Available Now
Current Weight:
Est Adult Weight:
Current on all vaccines

PLEASE NOTE: Our website is always up to date. A puppies profile will automatically be removed once the puppy is adopted. Pickup can be arranged on date available or within 7 days thereafter.


[1] Dewormer - Pyrantel for 1 day: 04/19/2021
[1] Safeguard (fenbendazole) for 5 days: 05/03/2021
[1] Kennel Cough vaccination: 05/03/2021
[1] Da2ppv vaccination (4 way): 05/10/2021
[2] Safeguard (fenbendazole) for 5 days: 05/17/2021
[1] Frontline Flea & Tick Medication: 05/31/2021
[2] Da2ppv vaccination (4 way): 05/31/2021
[2] Kennel Cough vaccination: 05/31/2021

List of Inspection Points:

Skin and coat



Ranchside Veterinarian Wellness Exam:


The Shih-Poo is a mixed breed dog — a cross between the Shih Tzu and Toy Poodle dog breeds. Small, hypoallergenic and cuddly companions, these pups inherited some of the best qualities from both of their parents.

They are known for their lively, affectionate nature. These little dogs will have everyone smiling with their crazy antics. It’s impossible not to be drawn in by the infectious energy they exude. To understand a cross-breed’s temperament it’s best to look at their parents: The Shih Tzu is bringing a whole load of personality to the genetic table. These guys are confident and friendly with everyone. They are well known for getting along with all people and dogs alike. They aren’t all perfect though and have some less desirable characteristics; they are notoriously stubborn, especially when it comes to housebreaking. The Poodle is known for their eagerness to please. These dogs are highly intelligent and trainable. They are loyal and form strong bonds with their humans. Toy Poodles have a reputation for being somewhat highly strung. When looking for a puppy, it is important that you find a breeder that’s avoided breeding dogs with this characteristic.
Adult Height:
8-13 inches
Life Expectancy:
10-14 years

Mother: Shih Tzu Color: Tri Weight: 10lbs

Father: Poodle Color: Red Weight: 7lbs