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The Morkie is a mixed breed resulted from the cross between the Maltese and the Yorkshire Terrier. It has an affectionate temperament and a sweet appearance. It has plenty of energy and loves to play and cuddle. It is colored in tan, apricot, brown or white.


Smart, enthusiastic, loyal, friendly, affectionate, alert, fragile

Adult Weight 5-8 lbs
Adult Height 6-10 in
Life Expectancy 12-15 yrs
Low High
Easy Hard
Min Max
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Morkie puppies for sale - On-the-spot Adoption in North Carolina / Shipping Across the US

A Morkie is a designer breed that is crossed between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Maltese, also known as the “Yorktese”. The common colors of the Morkie include black, black and tan, brown, and white. The weight of this small breed dog is usually between 8-17 pounds, and a height of about 8 inches. Because of the design of this cross breed, it is not prone to most genetic diseases, resulting in a usually healthy dog.

The Morkie is a fearlessness, playful, loving and energetic breed. This breed is very social and if they are left in isolation, like a cage for long periods of time, they tend not to do well and will even develop anxiety. They get along with most all breeds and can be easily excitable.

Proper training at a young age is a must for a Morkie due to its intelligence from the Yorkshire family with a side of a strong personality. Without the proper training the Morkie will attempt to dominate the owner regardless of its small stature. Morkies are very loyal and obedient, and with its friendly personality it makes fast connections and needs to feel appreciated and loved.

The Morkie enjoys a wide variety of activities like playing outside, going for walks, and mostly curling up on the couch to cuddle. Some owners enroll their Morkie to participate in agility courses to regularly get exercise and socialization. No matter the activity, however, the Morkie needs strong companionship from its owner. Passive behavior will make it sad or bored and will result in bad behavior, such as chewing on things they aren’t supposed to have.

Socializing is a key stepping stone for a young Morkie. With patience and a determined trainer, the Morkie could shine in anyone's expectations. The trainer should be gentle and firm to train away any stubbornness from the Morkie. This dog breed adapts well, learns quickly, and is very intelligent.

This breed is perfect for apartment living and adapts well to most environments. It’s hair-like fur does not easily shed, but because of all the playing it needs to be brushed periodically and groomed arounds its eyes, ears, and legs to keep a healthy coat and to prevent ear and eye infections.

Always feed a quality dry dog food to meet nutritional needs. This is a generally healthy breed but is prone to diseases such as, glaucoma, heart problems and cataracts. If the Morkies health is maintained and taken care of well, then this spunky little breed should live a long life up to 15 years!