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Fetch Pet Insurance

Peace of Mind for Every Paw

Unmatched Pet Insurance, Advice and Love

  • Enroll today and walk away with your pup fully covered with no pre-existing restrictions
  • Selected plan offers up to $10,000 coverage per year
  • Fetch offers affordable wellness for any puppy enrolled in it's major medical plans

10% off every month for life

  • Injury & Illness coverage at the vet of your choice in the U.S. or Canada
  • Up to 90% pay back when your pet gets sick or hurt
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Worry about getting the BEST CARE for your PET, NOT the BILL$ from the VET!

Injury & Illness coverage at the VET of YOUR CHOICE!

  • Treatment for Injuries

    The cost of vertinary treatment when your pet gets hurt. Injuries can range from cuts and foreign object ingestion to broken bones and ACL ruptures.

  • Sick-visit exam fees

    Every sick visit comes with an exam fee, which can be around $50 - $250. We cover those exam fees for you. Not all providers do.

  • Alternative & holistic care

    We cover treatments like acupuncture, aromatherapy, chiropractic and homepathic therapy administered by a vet to treat an injury or illness. Not all providers do.

  • Every tooth & gum

    We cover injury and disease in every adult tooth, no just the canines. Not all providers do. Plus, you get full coverage for peridontal disease (the most common disease in dogs and cats), oral tumors, trauma, and more.

  • Prescription medications & supplements

    We cover prescription drugs like antibiotics and anxiety medicine, plus vitamins and other supplements, when recommended by a vet to treat your pet's illness or injury.

  • Specialists

    Treatment by veterinary specialists including, but not limited to, orthopedists, oncologists, orthodontists and cardiologists.

  • Treatment for illnesses

    The cost of veterinary treatment when your pet gets sick. Illnesses can range from vomiting, diarrhea, and urinary tract infections to heart disease or cancer.

  • Breed-specific issues

    Not all providers cover medical conditions linked to breed, like breathing problems in French Bulldogs or kidney stones in Bernese. We do.